Shawn Thorpe

Podcasting | Audio Production | Music

I provide these services on a freelance basis:

∗ Audio editing
∗ Podcast consulting
∗ Custom intros/outros, stingers, etc. with original music and voiceover (as needed)

Rate card:

Audio editing – including spot editing (removal of umms, etc.), mixing of voice tracks with other elements such as music or sound clips, level matching using dynamic processing (compression, limiting, etc.) as needed, final mix down. $40/labor hour. I usually tell new clients that it takes two hours of audio editing time for every hour of raw audio. However, this can vary, depending on what’s needed. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Podcast consulting – I can advise you on which hardware/software you’ll need, no matter where you’re at in your podcasting journey. I can also advise you on web hosting/media hosting and I can help you get your podcasting website up and running, ensuring you have a working RSS feed that’s ready to submit to directories like iTunes. $115/hour.

Custom intro/outro/stinger – Custom-made, all original transitional pieces for your podcast. These can be music only or a voiceover can be added if needed. Please contact me for a quote.

Let my 10+ years of podcasting experience and my 20+ years of audio production experience help you with your podcast! No job too big or too small. No aggressive rounding up of minutes (if I work for 30 minutes, I bill you for 30 minutes). Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more about my services.