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Podcast Movement 2017 Media Roundup November 5, 2017

Podcast Movement Square LogoIt’s been a little over two months since I attended this year’s Podcast Movement conference in Anaheim. Here’s a collection of media that (however broken) tells the story of my trip.

I rode an Amtrak train to Anaheim and back. Here’s a photo I took looking out the train window:

Most days, I’m dressed like a guy who works from home. My longtime friend in podcasting Jennifer Navarrete posted this photo of me wearing professional clothing to prove it actually happened:

Speaking of Jennifer Navarrete, I was able to meet up with her the night before the conference officially began. We managed to flag a guy down (who’d apparently never taken a photo using a smartphone camera) to snap this picture of us:
Podcast Movement

I’m not really the focus of this one, but I am there on the righthand side (probably talking with Blubrry’s Mike Dell about something random like F-111 jets or Michigan cherries). This photo also shows some of the vendor hall that included the Blubrry booth:

I’m not gonna recap my entire time during the conference in this blog post. That’s already been done in a couple of different podcast episodes. The first one was recorded a few days after Podcast Movement, when I was a guest on Blubrry’s PowerPress Podcast:

As I mentioned in the podcast episode embedded above, I had a list of podcasters I was hoping to meet during the conference. One of those podcasters is Elsie Escobar from LibSyn and She Podcasts. I hadn’t seen Elsie during the first couple days of Podcast Movement, but I did eventually catch up with her on the final morning of the conference. Elsie took this photo of the two of us, and she gave me permission to share it:

Podcast Movement 2017 was held at the Anaheim Marriott. The hotel (thankfully!) has a Starbucks coffee shop inside. I picked up an iced latte there the last afternoon of the conference. The barista who took my order asked me about the Blubrry hat I was wearing. She correctly noted that it’s “blueberry without the E’s,” and did at least get that spelling right when she marked it on the side of my drink:

While I do enjoy coffee, it’s rare that I get into the booze. But I did have a couple of white Russians in the hotel bar the night before my trek back to San Luis Obispo:

I had to leave early the next morning to catch the train. I was pretty tired, and didn’t take any photos that day, other than this one from the platform at the Amtrak station. Anaheim was blanketed in a thick marine layer at the time:

The other podcast I recorded about my Podcast Movement experience is this episode of Hyper Nonsense:

That’s everything I have to share from Podcast Movement 2017. I had a great time!

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