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NaPodPoMo 2015 Roundup December 1, 2015

This year, I participated in National Podcast Post Month (NaPodPoMo). NaPodPoMo was created by veteran podcaster Jennifer Navarrete in 2007, in response to the popularity of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). NaNoWriMo challenges writers to produce a novel during the month of November, while NaPodPoMo challenges podcasters to produce 30 podcasts during the same month. I’ve taken part in NaPodPoMo a few times over the years. This time, I wanted to turn it into a team effort around Hyper Nonsense, the podcast I cohost with Jen. The hope was that fans and friends of the show would join us and/or contribute their own audio to the NaPodPoMo effort, and a couple of them did.

NaPodPoMo artNaPodPoMo doesn’t have a lot of hard and fast rules (which is one of things I like about it). I’ve always approached it from the standpoint of, “If I participate in a podcast during November, it counts for NaPodPoMo.” Participation can mean: Primary production, guest spot, or secondary production such as audio editing. With these qualifiers in mind, I’ve decided to compile all of the podcasts I took part in during November, to see if I did in fact beat the 30-day challenge. I had a hand in the primary production of all of the following episodes unless noted otherwise.

Hyper Nonsense main feed and NaPodPoMo feed episodes:

  1. Join #TeamHN for NaPodPoMo 2015!
  2. Dia de los Muertos 2015
  3. Lame Soup
  4. The Never-Ending iMac Saga Continues
  5. Shower Cast
  6. Responding to a Response
  7. Sick of Discs
  8. NaPodPoMo 2015 Week 1 Blab
  9. Rain cast
  10. Food Stamps for Apple
  11. Meet the new doc
  12. Starbuckin’ it
  13. Apple cast 2015
  14. NaPodPoMo Week 2 Blab
  15. Dish cast
  16. Christmas Goats on Fire
  17. Jen talks Twitter
  18. Jen’s Tips for Freelance Writers
  19. Jen vs. Content Farms
  20. Dish cast 2
  21. Grocery cast
  22. Grocery cast Post-Mortem
  23. Podcasting and Weather
  24. Pre-Black Friday Scary News


Podcaster News Show episodes:

  1. Meta Explosion – PCN Show 022
  2. Crock-Pot Podcasting – PCN Show 023


Audio editing:

  1. All Things Azeroth 470 – Aaaand AWAY we goooooo!!!
  2. All Things Azeroth 471 – #ForAzeroth
  3. All Things Azeroth 472 – Bring me my moose!
  4. All Things Azeroth 473 – Friendship(moose) is Magic!
  5. Shattered Soulstone 103 – Party in Mah Pants
  6. Shattered Soulstone 104 – Mother Grabbing Blizzcon
  7. Shattered Soulstone 105 – Shattered Hoodstone
  8. Shattered Soulstone 106 – Nevik’s Bloody Tip


Total podcasts I participated in: 34. So, yes – I was successful during NaPodPoMo 2015!

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