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“In The Heart Of The Sun” Has Been Remastered February 11, 2018

In The Heart Of The Sun album coverI’ve been friends with the highly talented singer/songwriter Matt Sams for roughly twenty years. When Matt asked if I’d contribute some guitar parts to the album he was recording in 2011, I was happy to do so.

That album, In The Heart Of The Sun, received a full remastering treatment last year, and it sounds better than ever! I listened to the album today for the first time in awhile and was really stuck by how great the songs are. I mean, that’s no surprise, as Matt is a tremendous songwriter. (Of course, when I hear any of the guitar parts I played, I feel like they should all be scrapped and redone, but you know how that goes…)

The album can be streamed in its entirety on Bandcamp, where it can also be purchased for the princely sum of one dollar. That’s less than ten cents per song!

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