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I’ll Be at Podcast Movement 2017! August 20, 2017

Podcast Movement 2017The biggest pod-conference of the year is happening next week in Anaheim, CA. And I’ll be there! I’m excited to announce I’ll be attending Podcast Movement 2017 at the Anaheim Marriott.

I’ll be helping out at the Blubrry booth during the conference, attending panels where I can, and stopping into Podcast Movement-adjacent events where possible. (I’ve found that the free PM17 mobile app is a handy tool for figuring out when and where to focus your time during the conference.)

Other than the first couple of World of Podcasts events (coincidentally, also in Anaheim), I haven’t really been to something like this. And it’s definitely the first team I’ve been to a podcasting event as part of a team. I’m anticipating it with the usual mix of excitement and anxiety/dread that you’d expect.

I’m really looking forward to finally meeting many of the friends I’ve made in podcasting over the years, some of which I’ve known for over a decade, but never connected with in person. I’m sure it’ll also be a learning experience for me (on a number of levels).

I get into Anaheim on Tuesday afternoon and will be there thru Friday night (early train home on Saturday). Drop me a line if you’d like to hang out during the conference. Or come by the Blubrry booth and say hello!

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