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I Was a Guest on Shattered Soulstone July 8, 2016

Shattered Soulstone artIt’s easy to be a guest on a podcast when you’re married to one of that show’s cohosts. Last month, Jen was preparing to do what would’ve been a solo episode of Shattered Soulstone, a podcast devoted to the Diablo video game franchise. She wasn’t sure that she really had enough material to do a solo show, and her usual cohosts were unavailable.

I’m a very casual player of Diablo III (as I am with most video games these days). I knew I wouldn’t have much to add to the podcast Jen was about to record. But I figured I could at least give her a sounding board to bounce off of. I offered to join her on the show and she accepted.

While I’m not necessarily a big Diablo player, I am the audio editor for Shattered Soulstone, and this was my second time being on the show. Perhaps in lieu of having not much else to discuss, Jen asked me to talk about the process I go thru when editing the show. We also talked about my recent in-game experience of losing a hardcore character (when hardcore characters die in Diablo III, they’re gone forever), as well as someĀ game-related news, and we read over a little bit of listener feedback that had been sent to the show.

It was a fun time. And despite my relative Diablo n00bishness, I’m glad I was able to contribute something to the show.

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