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“In The Heart Of The Sun” Has Been Remastered February 11, 2018

In The Heart Of The Sun album coverI’ve been friends with the highly talented singer/songwriter Matt Sams for roughly twenty years. When Matt asked if I’d contribute some guitar parts to the album he was recording in 2011, I was happy to do so.

That album, In The Heart Of The Sun, received a full remastering treatment last year, and it sounds better than ever! I listened to the album today for the first time in awhile and was really stuck by how great the songs are. I mean, that’s no surprise, as Matt is a tremendous songwriter. (Of course, when I hear any of the guitar parts I played, I feel like they should all be scrapped and redone, but you know how that goes…)

The album can be streamed in its entirety on Bandcamp, where it can also be purchased for the princely sum of one dollar. That’s less than ten cents per song!

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A Roundtable Discussion on Podcast Stats November 10, 2017

Roundtable101 artIn late September, I was asked to make a return appearance on Podcasters’ Roundtable. It’s always an honor to take part in one of my favorite podcasts-about-podcasting. On this round, the topic was podcasting stats. In the daily work I do for Blubrry, stats comes up a lot. And people have a wide range of opinions on podcasting stats, depending on where they are and what they might be doing in the podcasting space.

There’s no doubt that stats are important, but they can also be kinda mysterious. I think the panelists on this episode of the Roundtable did a good job of clearing up some of those mysteries.

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Podcast Movement 2017 Media Roundup November 5, 2017

Podcast Movement Square LogoIt’s been a little over two months since I attended this year’s Podcast Movement conference in Anaheim. Here’s a collection of media that (however broken) tells the story of my trip.

I rode an Amtrak train to Anaheim and back. Here’s a photo I took looking out the train window:

Most days, I’m dressed like a guy who works from home. My longtime friend in podcasting Jennifer Navarrete posted this photo of me wearing professional clothing to prove it actually happened:

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I’m Taking Part in International Podcast Day 2017! September 29, 2017

PodcastDayLogoInternational Podcast Day returns this weekend and I’ll be taking part in two different live broadcasts during the event!

International Podcast Day was first officially celebrated in 2014. From the official Podcast Day website:

“There is National IPA Day, National Waffle Fries Day, National Pancake Day, and National pretty-much-anything-you-want Day. In the summer of 2013, Steve Lee (founder of Modern Life Network) heard a radio announcement for National Senior Citizens’ Day.  Thinking that was pretty cool, it begged the question of why wasn’t there a day of celebration for podcasting.  That’s when Steve said to himself, ‘Let’s create a Podcast Day!’  So the adventure began and a collective team of podcasters put their heads together to establish methods for podcasters and podcast listeners to raise awareness for this great entertainment and education medium.

International Podcast Day is focused on bringing more visibility to podcasting and promoting the growing digital media worldwide. The day-long event and celebration takes place each year on September 30.  We have a collection of resources, information, and details throughout our site so be to to take the time and explore!”

Podcast Day is a true international event. That’s why it technically begins on Friday night in North America, where it’ll still be September 29th, but it’ll already be September 30th in other parts of the world.

I’ll be on Friday, September 29th 8PM Pacific Time with a podcaster who defines “international.” Abel Kay is self-described as a “German-born transplant from Miami,” currently living in Beijing, China. Abel is planning on doing half of his hour in English (that’s when I’ll be on) and the other half in Spanish. The official title of his Podcast Day presentation is “Podcasting From a Writer’s Standpoint & Why Podcasting is Here to Stay.” Based on the notes Abel sent me, it should be a fun conversation.

On Saturday, September 30th 11AM Pacific Time, I’ll be returning to the Podcast Day live stream with the Jedi Master to my Padawan Apprentice, Mike Dell from the Blubrry support team. We’re presenting a talk called “Podcast Problems: What To Do When Things Go Wrong.” Mike and I will provide our best advice on how to troubleshoot and solve podcast-related problems, and where to go to get help when all else fails.

I’m honored to be able to participate in this year’s Podcast Day! You can watch the entire International Podcast Day broadcast here. I’ll update this blog post with replays of my sessions once they are available.


Abel decided to do his presentation solo and he did a great job! The presentation I did with Mike on Saturday went over well. It was fun, and I think we provided some good information. You can watch that video here:

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I’ll Be at Podcast Movement 2017! August 20, 2017

Podcast Movement 2017The biggest pod-conference of the year is happening next week in Anaheim, CA. And I’ll be there! I’m excited to announce I’ll be attending Podcast Movement 2017 at the Anaheim Marriott.

I’ll be helping out at the Blubrry booth during the conference, attending panels where I can, and stopping into Podcast Movement-adjacent events where possible. (I’ve found that the free PM17 mobile app is a handy tool for figuring out when and where to focus your time during the conference.)

Other than the first couple of World of Podcasts events (coincidentally, also in Anaheim), I haven’t really been to something like this. And it’s definitely the first team I’ve been to a podcasting event as part of a team. I’m anticipating it with the usual mix of excitement and anxiety/dread that you’d expect.

I’m really looking forward to finally meeting many of the friends I’ve made in podcasting over the years, some of which I’ve known for over a decade, but never connected with in person. I’m sure it’ll also be a learning experience for me (on a number of levels).

I get into Anaheim on Tuesday afternoon and will be there thru Friday night (early train home on Saturday). Drop me a line if you’d like to hang out during the conference. Or come by the Blubrry booth and say hello!

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I Was a Guest Cohost on Potentium Podcast December 17, 2016

Earlier this year, I helped podcaster Joseph Fanning migrate his podcasting site from a veritable dumpster fire of a fully-managed WordPress site to a new site powered by self-hosted WordPress and Blubrry media hosting. After Joe’s new site was up and running, I decided to check out his show, Potentium Podcast (which gets its name from a somewhat obscure Star Wars novel), and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Earlier this week, Joe invited me to be a guest cohost on Potentium, as his brother and regular cohost Edward wasn’t available. I gladly accepted, and had a great time being on the show!

Check out the episode here, and keep in mind that Joe’s podcast does carry the explicit tag.

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A Roundtable Discussion on Podcast Websites November 19, 2016

You ever go thru those periods in life where you just feel like you’re overwhelmed by everything and you can’t get everything done you’d like to do? That’s definitely the place I’ve been in for awhile now. And that’s why it’s taken me so long to write this up.

Back in August, I was honored once again to be a guest on one of my favorite Podcasts About Podcasting, Podcasters’ Roundtable. In Round 75 of the Table, we talked about podcast websites. It wasn’t so much a nots-and-bolts discussion about how to create a podcast website. Rather, the focus was on what elements a great podcast website should have.

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I Was a Guest on Shattered Soulstone July 8, 2016

Shattered Soulstone artIt’s easy to be a guest on a podcast when you’re married to one of that show’s cohosts. Last month, Jen was preparing to do what would’ve been a solo episode of Shattered Soulstone, a podcast devoted to the Diablo video game franchise. She wasn’t sure that she really had enough material to do a solo show, and her usual cohosts were unavailable.

I’m a very casual player of Diablo III (as I am with most video games these days). I knew I wouldn’t have much to add to the podcast Jen was about to record. But I figured I could at least give her a sounding board to bounce off of. I offered to join her on the show and she accepted.

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A Conversation With Mike Dell May 4, 2016

Mike Dell, the host of Podcast Help Desk, invited me on to his show for a conversation about (what else) podcasting. Mike is a veteran podcaster as well as my coworker on the Blubrry support team. (Mike is also one of the nicest guys in podcasting!) It was a fun discussion about my history in podcasting as well as many other pod-related topics.

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A Roundtable Discussion on RSS and Podcasting December 20, 2015

Podcasters Roundtable artFor the second time this year, I was asked to be a guest on the Podcasters Roundtable podcast. For this “round” (as Roundtable host Ray Ortega calls them), we discussed RSS and why it’s still an important part of the podcasting process. I was there to provide knowledge from the Blubrry/PowerPress point of view. I had a great time on the Roundtable and I think the show itself is a must-subscribe for anyone who’s interested in learning more about podcasting.

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