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A Roundtable Discussion on Podcast Websites November 19, 2016

You ever go thru those periods in life where you just feel like you’re overwhelmed by everything and you can’t get everything done you’d like to do? That’s definitely the place I’ve been in for awhile now. And that’s why it’s taken me so long to write this up.

Back in August, I was honored once again to be a guest on one of my favorite Podcasts About Podcasting, Podcasters’ Roundtable. In Round 75 of the Table, we talked about podcast websites. It wasn’t so much a nots-and-bolts discussion about how to create a podcast website. Rather, the focus was on what elements a great podcast website should have.

If you’re already podcasting, or plan to start podcasting soon, check out this episode to get some solid insights into what makes a standout podcast website.

(Special thanks to Ray for using an image of me [and my wonderful forehead acne – hey, I’m 40 years old!] as the video thumbnail.)

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