This Week’s Work #12 – Too Much To Do Edition

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I wonder sometimes if I’m successfully segueing into self-employment. That’s really a not-so clever way to say that, in spite of being unemployed, I’ve been busy. I begin every day by looking at Todoist and seeing what’s there.  The app helps me to focus on certain tasks so I know what to make a priority pocket option minimum deposit . But this system isn’t perfect, as each day brings new tasks that need to be completed, and that triggers a reevaluation of what’s already there.

Of course, stuff that pays and/or is time sensitive gets priority over other things. But sometimes those other things are important, too. For example, I’ve got several podcasts I’d like to get off the ground. One of them in particular I’d like to start next month. I’ve got some of the prelaunch stuff in place. But there’s still much left to be done and the end of May is drawing near. I think I’m gonna focus as much time and energy as possible today on working on that.


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This Week’s Work #11 – Public Radio Edition

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When I moved to San Luis Obispo in 2005, one of the things I had hoped to do was seek out some kind of work in radio. At that point, it had been nearly ten years since the last time I worked in radio. Due to that long gap of time since my last stint at a radio station, I knew I’d have to go into any new radio situation from the ground floor (if not the basement). I figured I’d probably have to take an internship at a station, and if I was lucky, it might turn into something bigger over time. Unfortunately, I never followed thru with this pursuit because in 2006, my life kinda went pocket option demo crazy and I had to put it off.

And while I wasn’t doing anything in radio, I did get into podcasting pretty heavily. And that avocation has given me thousands of hours of experience doing various types of audio production. Still, that radio bug never really went away. So, after I became unemployed last year, I decided to look into the radio thing in earnest. A friend and former coworker had recently taken over a weekend radio show at KCBX, a local NPR affiliate. I asked my friend if she thought the station could use any of my audio production skills on a volunteer basis. She recommended that I get in touch with the station’s program director and I’m now happy to say that I have done some small projects for the station. I’ve also been helping out with the setup and sound engineering for live-music performances. I’m learning a lot and really enjoying the experience. It also feels good to close the psychic loop that’s been buzzing around in my mind about this radio thing since 2005.

I really can’t list the things I’ve done for KCBX in This Week’s Work because those things aren’t archived online (at least, not yet). Regardless, here’s everything else I’ve worked on since the last update:


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This Week’s Work #10 – Government Forms Edition

Social Services

Over the last few weeks, Jen and I have applied for various types of government what is pocket option assistance. I’m not even sure anymore how many forms I’ve filled out. It’s insane just how much stuff you have to gather up in order to finish these applications; Bank statements, tax forms, Social Security cards, ID cards… the list goes on. I figure I’ve spent several days worth of time just sorting out these forms. So far, I’ve dealt with:

  • California EDD (unemployment benefits)
  • SLO County Social Services (food stamps)
  • Social Security (disability claim for Jen)
  • California Dept. of Rehab Services (employment assistance for me)


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